Welcome to the new www.lawfulliving.com

It was time for a change so we changed things! Welcome back to the new lawfulliving.com, my classmates. We are here for videos that actually play, posts that are easy to find and resources for the classes are *gasp* onthe same page with he class instead of a hunt in the files section! We may no longer have an app but we sure will have a ton of fun regardless… Might even get the app again.

In the mean time, as we set up the site and add our totally free and open classes, enjoy our latest newbie Tuesday bible sessh>>

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the new www.lawfulliving.com

  1. Whew! One is greatfull for the still waters. 🙂 Cuz ain’t nothing like a good ole’ Bible Study!!! Much appreciatione for the adaptability and ability to adapt! *Holy Ghost hands* 😀 LOL! LLLL! Frfr!

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