sent out for my passport in early July checked on it online late Sept, got a letter today in the mail drawed up by United States Dep of State Oct7 got it today 13th sent me a new DS-11 to fill out again to reply to them saying in Bold print The printing of a name is not acceptable for passport purposes it is necessary for you to sign a new application. then they give directions how to fix the error then lay out the bullshit thick AF in the next line, Your evidence of U.S. Citizenship has been retained by our office and will be returned to you once the application process is concluded. where is the terms and conditions how you sign or autograph documents. I do not write cursive anymore I changed my mind. So this :Javier-emilio: text is not good for passport purposes. are these guys messing with me or is Karen just mad at me?

Posted by Deleted (a553a299) at 2020-10-14 01:01:39 UTC