Greetings all I have been attempting to deal with the utility company and I faxed come concerns to the Commission and this is their response. > Good Afternoon, > Thank you for contacting the Kansas Corporation Commission. I have received your facsimile on 10/7/20 regarding a complaint with your electric company, Evergy. > The KCC would not informally have jurisdiction over "Sovereign Nation" claims. I would like to send a formal complaint to your address so you can address your concerns in a more formal setting. In the formal complaint please state a specific tariff, provision, or Order of the Commission that is being violated, lay out the facts that underlie the alleged violation, and request for some sort of relief for it to be accepted. > A point of reference may be docket #04-GIMX-651-GIV which is the docket addressing payment standards. > > What is the address I can mail the formal complaint? > > Best Regards, > > Brandon Donohue > Program Consultant > > Public Affairs and Consumer Protection > Kansas Corporation Commission > 1500 SW Arrowhead Road | Topeka, KS | 66604-4027 > Phone (785) 271-3192 | Fax (785) 271-3111 |

Posted by latisah at 2020-10-13 23:04:32 UTC