The #AttorneyGeneral so recommended to the President and the Cabinet, and with their approval and support the instant study resulted. The preface to this report identifies the agencies, State and Federal, which most actively participated in the study; subsequent portions of the report set out in some detail the results of the study. The Committee desires to outline at this point, so as to furnish assistance for evaluation of its report, the manner in which the study was conducted, the manner in which the Committee's report is being presented, and some of the problems involved. The land area of the #UnitedStates is 1,903,824,640 acres. It was ascertained from available sources that of this area the Federal Government, as of a recent date, owned 405,088,566 acres, or more than 21 percent of the continental United States. It owns more than 87 percent of the land in the State of Nevada, over 50 percent of the land in several other States, and considerable land in every State of the Union. The Department of the Interior controls lands having a total area greater than that of all the six New England State and Texas combined. The #DepartmentofAgriculture control more than three fourths as much land as the Department of the Interior. Altogether 23 agencies of the Federal Government control property owned by the United States outside of the District of Columbia. Any survey relating to these lands is therefore bound to constitute a considerable project. The Committee formulated a plan of study, of which portions requiring such approval were approved by the Bureau of the Budget under the Federal Reports Act of 1942 (B. B. No. 43-5501). This plan involved the assignment to a number of Federal agencies of various tasks which they were especially fitted to perform or as to which they had accumulated information; the circularization to all agencies of the Government which acquire, occupy, or operate real property of a questionnaire (questionnaire A) designed to elicit general information, concerning the numbers, areas, uses and jurisdictional statuses of their properties and the practices, problems, policies, and recommendations related to jurisdictional status which the agencies might have; #jurisdiction

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