during the paper that I keep doing fucking wrong I am about to just walk away from all of this crap, CPS got involved and then gave him my daughter when in fact is emotional abuse to her, drink and possibility injures his other daughters who have been sexually abused and doens’t do a thing, secondly I am needing help, I want to get my daughter cupidity and they kidnapped my daughter for no reason. My son is also kidnapped, what the hell do I do, I am this close to ending my freaking life. Because nothing goes my way in court fucking nothing, I am the bad person, I don’t have time for 10 years to fight what so ever. I need my kids home as of today, I called the cops and they said do a stand by to get your kids? Like really they just going to give my daughter. I need help.

Posted by Deleted (6f7ae684) at 2020-10-09 17:54:21 UTC