I sent the special appearance letter and motion to dismiss letter to traffic court both certified. With no acknowledgment of the letter or the contents i received a court date letter. I did not show so they gave a default judgment against me and suspended my driver's license. (I keep the license because I'm black and I have a child thats 19 yrs.old and I'd rather them not encounter law enforcement). My child got a car that I had to register in my name so I was forced to pay the ticket and fines of almost $300.00. Before paying i called the clerk and she admitted more than once that they got the letters but didn't read them. (I recorded the conversation) Is there a law that says correspondence that mailed is legal and should hold up in court? The clerk told me there was no special appearance and I should have attended the court. How can I hold them liable for damages. The tic and fees, report to my insurance co. I paid in under the stress for a licence plate for my child's car.

Posted by Deleted (6ce4d40c) at 2020-10-06 14:35:27 UTC