Good morning Friends! Anyone want to help whittle this down? I know I'm wordy. 😁 What else am I missing? Gentlemen and neighbors: Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent. Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal. I am called Robin Marie Mitchell. I am a private, living, peaceful woman of God with no intent in my heart to cause harm or defraud anyone. I retain and reserve all of my God-given rights and freedoms that you by your oaths are sworn to protect. I’ll get right to the point. Violations of Amendments 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the Constitution were committed against me on the night of Thursday, October 1, 2020 by Sergeant Phil Tollefson, Officer Gramazio, and other CSPD officers and agents. These are the details of the events, followed by my needs for immediate remedy for the theft of my property. At 6:51 PM, Phil performed an unlawful roadside arrest of my body and car under “color of law” without a warrant for an expired tag [***leave this out? - in the King Soopers gas station parking lot at Austin Bluffs and Academy. I asked him questions regarding the nature of the stop, whether criminal or civil, what law he was citing, and what authority he had over God. He refused to show me the law or proof of his claim of authority over my body,***] and within three minutes, he elevated the arrest to violence and threatened to hit my window and drag me out of my car. I have video evidence up to this point, and I have attached a transcript for your review. When I was certain Phil was determined to follow through on his threat, I started my car and sped off quickly to protect my body, as is my God-given right, but before I got out of reach, he swung backhandedly and hit my “driver’s side” window with a hard object I did not see, deserving the full force of the Second Amendment. Thankfully, the window did not break, as I undoubtedly would have been injured or killed since he struck the glass next to my head. As I turned my car around in the parking lot, he was just standing there watching me. He did not pursue me, and I escaped from his violent assault and went home. At 8:28 PM, a standing army came to my home to harass an innocent woman without producing a warrant when asked, also deserving the full force of the Second Amendment. For approximately an hour, they pounded on my windows and doors, shined spotlights through my curtains, rang the doorbell repeatedly, worried my neighbors, blinded my son with flashlights, called our phones, sent threats and orders via text message, claimed they had charges for my arrest, threatened to come back with a search warrant if I didn’t cooperate, lied to me, my son, and my neighbors, attempted to lure me outside to kidnap me, and stole my personal property without due process of law. [***Leave this out or move to transcript? - This is an almost exact transcript of the illegal text from one of these men: “This is Officer Gramazio (sp?) with Colorado Springs Police. I am the officer at the front of your residence. Please answer the door. We have charges for your arrest, and we are going to obtain a search warrant for the residents to arrest you if you do not cooperate. I’m trying to handle this at the least amount of force possible.” Unfortunately, this text was deleted, but I do have video evidence. ] When my son with special needs answered the door without comprehension of the gravity of the situation, there was a masked thug dressed all in black standing in the dark on my flowerbed bricks (I don’t know if this was Gramazio or another agent). I asked him to show me the warrant. He said it was getting signed . I asked who his witnesses were. He said they didn’t need any. A State Patrol dispatcher said no warrant had been issued and that one would be issued the next day. I asked him what I was being charged with, and he said “speeding”. I asked him to tell me the statutes. He refused to tell me and insisted on getting off the phone quickly. I later learned that the unidentified, armed thugs told my son they had a felony warrant for my arrest, though I have committed no crime, and they told my neighbor’s mother that they were helping someone with a car that wouldn’t start. I did not find out the names of these men. My personal property was administered unlawfully by your employees. I did not receive a tow ticket, copy of a warrant, or any kind of notice of due process of law. These are my terms: 1. You will arrange for the immediate and safe return of my property, one white 2003 Ford Taurus with a wrecked rear-end, at no cost or further burden to me. You will waive the registration requirement, as my property is not used in interstate commerce, and I had planned to return the tags to the DMV. 2. You will close any account/file created for this incident OR you will compensate me for the unlawful taking and keeping of my property and the unauthorized communication with me as a private woman not liable to the Transportation Code nor the Code of Federal Regulations, at $2,000 USD for the taking thereof and $500 USD per day for the keeping thereof (pursuant to Article 1 Section 10 Clause 1, Constitution for the united States 1776), from the day of the initial taking, October 1, 2020. 3. You will remove the public NAME “ROBIN MARIE MITCHELL” and all variations from your business and financial database and add the private name “Robin Marie Mitchell” and my private car décor with the symbols “PR1V4T3” to your Do Not Detain list, and you will order your employees to never treat me like a criminal again. I do not wish to be at war with anyone, and I do not wish to be contacted by your employees unless they are upholding their oaths to protect me. If they see me on the road, they are to ignore me or wave hello. FOR PERSONAL AND COMMUNITY PROTECTION: 4. You will immediately terminate the employment of Phil Tollefson for conduct unbecoming a Public Servant, prosecute him for his willful crimes, and initiate a restraining order against him to protect me from any retaliation he may wish to commit or hire to be committed against me. Phil owed me safety when he placed me under custodial arrest. He and his cohorts are not above the laws of God that command us to “love thy neighbour”. I called him brother. He swung his arm toward me with intent to cause damage to my property and take control of my body without my consent, voiced satisfaction at my duress, and is clearly a danger to others. Failure to remove him from Public Office of trust means you approve of his violent assault of an innocent woman as roadside conviction for non-compliance with a corporate policy without due process, proof of claim, jurisdiction, or authority. This isn’t his first offense and it won’t be his last if you fail. 5. You will complete an investigation into the behaviors of the other armed officers, using their body cameras as evidence, and terminate and/or prosecute all criminals, and initiate restraining orders to protect me from retaliation. These guys are trained to treat people this way, and it needs to stop. If you or your employees should ask for my consultation in the honest performance of the investigation, my time will be invoiced to you at $1000 USD per minute, including any phone calls or time to open and read any mail you send. I do have some video evidence of the spotlights shining through my curtains, the doorbell ringing, and the incessant pounding, but I did not get any video of any of the officers outside my home, so I’m not sure how much help it would be. Between Phil Tollefson, Officer Gramazio, Randy’s Towing, and the rest of the unidentified standing army, these crimes were committed against me: Deprivation of rights under color of law Extortion Coercion Communicating threats of violence Harassment and intimidation Disturbing the peace False arrest False accusations False and misleading representations Wire fraud Slander Unlawful orders Threat of damage to property with forceful entry No due process of law Unfair business practices Deceptive business practices Fictitious obligations Use of my private number without permission Invasion of privacy No probable cause No proof of claim of jurisdiction No proof of claim of authority Threat to personal safety Violent assault Attempted kidnapping Search without warrant Robbery ashore Unlawful taking Grand theft auto Seizure of property Receipt of pirate property No fair and just compensation Transportation of stolen property Treason against One of The People This is tyranny and behavior control, not balanced justice for a sticker with the wrong corporate symbols on it. You have three (3) calendar days from receipt of this Notice to comply with the terms herein and provide me with remedy. A non-response will be considered deliberate intent to keep my property for public gain without compensation. Should you make that choice, a Notice of Default will be sent, accompanied by an invoice for further damages and expenses related to the loss of my time and property. You are personally liable for any other destruction or harassment that comes to me, my family, my friends, or my neighbors, ordered by your hands or voices, or by the hands or voices of any of your subordinates in retaliation or an attempt to silence or control me in the name of money. Failure to perform your duties on behalf of The People will result in a petition of remonstrance to the Legislature for a full investigation of your agency. Let’s get it right, guys, and handle this like true men. I don’t want to go to the media or have this in the public eye at all, and I’m sure you don’t either. I don’t want media bias and social division to cast a shadow on any of us unfairly. I also don’t want to spend any more time on this situation than is required to get it out of my life. Phil and others represented the CSPD and the City of Colorado Springs with their behavior, and that taints all of your organizations. If you wish the general public to see you as the “good guys”, your employees ought to behave accordingly. I see the error of my ways after watching the video again, but I did not deserve what I received from your men. Not at all. Thank you for your service and for your time and attention to settle this matter honorably and peaceably toward this woman of God. I will await your reply. In the Precious Name of Jesus Christ

Posted by RobinMarie at 2020-10-05 12:48:45 UTC