#MotionToDisqualify #DisqualifyJudge "A "proceeding" is ANY appearance BEFORE the court ('before' as in front of the judge in open court). This is why the judge DOES NOT want to have to talk to you in open court when they bring you in for a "pre-trial conference" with the prosecutor because then they are FUCKED for violating due process under this article, provided you OBJECT to their failure to comply BOTH VERBALLY AND IN WRITING in a timely manner. . The 'proper' wording of your motion to disqualify should be along the lines of: . ==================== . "Judge Ima Cunt ("Judge Cunt") created the appearance of judicial impropriety and prejudice against the Accused in Cause No. 12345678 by her actions on Sept. 1, 2020, while performing her duties and acting in her judicial capacity as a judge of the City of Screwem Municipal Court ("Court"). . Judge Cunt failed to perform her duties in compliance with state law, specifically, the Rules of Criminal Procedure, as well as the rights of the accused as protected by Art. 1, Sec. 10, of the Bill of Rights within The State of Texas Constitution ("Bill of Rights"). Judge Cunt knowingly and willfully acted in concert and collusion with the prosecution to alienate and deprive the accused of their protected due process rights as codified within those rules of procedure and written into the Bill of Rights. . Judge Cunt not only neglected to act in a fair and impartial manner in compliance with the rules of procedure but did so knowingly and willfully to deprive the accused of their right to proper, sufficient, and timely notice of the allegations being made against him/her in accordance with Art. 45.018(b). . The adjudicatory record of the court ("Case File") as of Sept. 1, 2020, did not contain a verified criminal complaint, a procedural prerequisite to ANY proceeding in the prosecution of a Class C misdemeanor and for providing proper legal notice to the accused regarding the charge(s) being made against him/her. A complaint is the absolute minimum legal documentary standard required to invest a court with the required level of jurisdiction to conduct proceedings relating to and to hear such cases absent a signed waiver as described by Art. 27.14(d), wherein it reads in pertinent part, "A defendant may waive the filing of a sworn complaint and elect that the prosecution proceed on the written notice of the charged offense if the defendant agrees in writing with the prosecution, signs the agreement, and files it with the court." . The accused in Cause No. 12345678 has never been served with a copy of any valid and verified complaint as his/her right and is required by Art. 45.018(b) "no less than one day prior to ANY proceeding in the prosecution of the complaint." Nor does the court record reflect that a criminal complaint that is compliant with the requirements of Art. 45.019, Code of Criminal Procedure even exists and has ever been filed with the Court. . Absent a properly formed and verified criminal complaint, Judge Cunt has proceeded forward in Cause No. 12345678 by scheduling court appearances and other judicial and administrative proceedings without ANY form of lawful authority and jurisdiction of any kind having ever been invested in the Court, making each of those actions highly illegal and unconstitutionally prejudicial to the due process rights of the accused. . The accused has reason to believe and does believe that Judge Cunt's actions constitute the crimes of Abuse of Official Capacity and Official Oppression under Texas Penal Code Secs. 39.02 and 39.03 respectively. . This is a level of criminal conduct that not only disqualifies Judge Cunt from presiding over and hearing this case but actually requires his/her removal from the bench. Any judge that refuses to comply with the mandatory rules of criminal procedure, especially those rules designed and enacted to protect the fundamental due process rights of those appearing before him/her, has no business having power and authority over any member of the public in such proceedings." . ==================== . Put this in both the motion to disqualify AND the judicial conduct complaint you file along with anything else you are putting in there for disqualification." #TaoOfLaw  #EddieCraig 

Posted by MalikaDulce at 2020-10-05 06:19:08 UTC