The "executive department Agents" are exercising powers as "judicial officers"? Smells like #EmolumentViolations to me!! Oklahoma Constitution Article VI: EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT Section VI-10: Reprieves, commutations, paroles and pardons. Probation and Parole Services Regions Region I Anthony Rowell, Deputy Director Section VI-28: Powers and duties - Report of investigations. The Commissioner of Charities and Corrections shall have the power and it is hereby made his or her duty, to investigate the entire system of public charities and corrections, to examine into the condition and management of all prisons, jails, alms-houses, reformatories, reform and industrial schools, hospitals, infirmaries, dispensaries, orphanages, and all public and private retreats and asylums, which derive their support wholly or in part from the State, or from any county or municipality within the State; and the officers of the various institutions named herein shall promptly, upon demand, furnish the said Commissioner with such information, relating to their respective institutions, as shall be demanded by said Commissioner, in writing.

Posted by MalikaDulce at 2020-10-03 19:00:27 UTC