Ok y'all I have a serious situation going on and I need your help. I do not know where to start and I have a short time to respond. My daughter received papers to go to court for joint custody but she does not want to deal with the court system because she feels that her child's father's mother is really trying to get the baby later down the road she feels that she is just setting things up now. His mom never had a girl and even has tried calling my daughter hers because of this. The thing that boggles my mind is the fact that he and his mom went and got a lawyer to do this on one of the days he was supposed to come get her but never showed up he set up 3 days straight in a row and no show. My daughter has never given them a problem when they wanted the baby and they just don't ask frequently but went and dropped 3000 on a lawyer out of nowhere. I've always noticed that they had a problem with always wanting to control people and told her they were gonna try her like this. They knew I didn't have money like that so this was their way of controlling her because she left him. They we're only boyfriend and girlfriend but they got mad because his feelings we're hurt when she left. She left him because he was always cheating and bringing back bad packages and left. I know it sounds crazy but this is the God honest truth. Anyway I need advices on what to do and how to do it because all of this is new to me and I'm completely lost. I'm ashamed to say it but it is the truth. All help is greatly appreciated.

Posted by Deleted (1f5d201f) at 2020-10-03 18:57:39 UTC