Whereas private man has no valid contract with the STATE and no such admissible evidence was included with the above mentioned letter. Therefore unless such proof that ones claim is based in Law that: 1. Applies to private man (personal jurisdiction) 2. Applies to activity of private man (subject matter jurisdiction) 3. Applies to where the activity occurred (territorial jurisdiction) pursuant to 18 USC 7, the letter received from STATE is deemed to be a deceptive form [15 usc 1692j], using deceptive business practices affecting Commerce [15 usc 45] and misleading representations [15 USC 1692e] to create a fictitious obligation [18 USC 514] in the practice of peonage (see attached). #peonageact #debtcollectors #FederalFunding 

Posted by MalikaDulce at 2020-10-03 05:51:54 UTC