Malika, have you figured out how to do this for private man and not corporation like in a fraud bills of attainder obstruction/divorce custody child support stuff? we have been blocked at every turn from filing anything into the lower courts. I think it actually will work out well, to discharge first. I also don't know where it would be sent, as Chris uses Dept of Revenue.. and how does one know where to send it, i get all 3 branches but within WHAT department? I would volunteer to use the cases we have to show others from beginning to end. I have alot of it typed up, except i added stuff, and now need to delete. Regarding Resolutions and discharges? and including a habeas in it?[0]=AZVHRy03taPvEn5pkR2nOgohATETlyVoa2V-3IsLBXkUtFoX73uOQSf0a86giXmjswEKlglO0ptsJqSPhvZbnX8qWQ3_GtPr_0WoGGp1qZnbsw34HAS87rEcBO74Sr0IcOG93Tu62v8rMXN_0APgztcjq2We_qT_DrerxNxE_oh7h0laRJFcV55Tvsv483Z9KVetYuGtmrG0qBhq7_uwaB_LFkuGf4qBur6ymD0EquF2ZBnlpJyMNlrKzL0YEYwHwMdwnFHbldhs26Zy-a0aZ7kp&__tn__=EH-y-R

Posted by MelGrover at 2020-10-01 17:45:06 UTC