So last night @Meechie Slay calls to tell me to just throw my computer in the trash because of what I posted in the friends in Law Group, lol, go read it because I will be breaking it down!! Then a few minutes into it, he gets a call from a a woman that got roadside-arrested for speeding and her children were crying from being so scared... We gave the supervising officer an earful of Law and got him to admit she was in a private vehicle!! I couldn't believe he was still dumb enough to let the arresting officer print the ticket. We were about to file the "Motion to Quash Unlawful Summons" and "Claim for Damages" while they were still on the side of the road but of course it's best of the people to read, edit their and autograph their own documents!

Posted by MalikaDulce at 2020-09-29 17:08:16 UTC