This is a great explanation and pretty easy to understand, I think, for someone who doesn't have a background in the medical field, concerning the plandemic. About a 10 min read, somewhat humorous, written by a medical professional in Switzerland who sat next to Fauci at seminars and " for a while I was pretty uncritical of his statements, since he was a respectable colleague of mine." (LOL, what do you think happened to him?) Share with the ones still asleep if you dare, I still can't, they're still in the REM stages where I live, including the medical field. Failure to provide medical treatment with risk of Covid cross-contamination to MD (last patient to be seen, agreed to wear mask but I questioned the "science" which they stated was the reason for mask along with "policy" (Gov of state made this statement as well, I also asked for the "science" He had with same response) She had no answer to this and I was accused of being argumentative) Told would receive a call from MD which of course never happened. So no mask for me still and I don't plan on breaking my streak now but will be paying for it over the next couple of weeks. That was my PCP, no meds for awhile. Wow, isn't it nice to be able to share this type of information and know it won't be censored and you're not headed for a strategic lock-out for 14-30 days for sharing information not conducive to their narrative? Or jail for (violating) I mean voicing your freedom of speech by an administrative judge, I mean banker? Don't you feel bad for those still watching CNN? They would be the ones still in the REM stage, sleeping under boulders who refuse to even listen, never mind have any idea why they're even wearing a mask other than everyone else is doing it. Don't small kids say that to their parents when they want something they're told they can't have? Sound like my kids "Mom, just put the mask on" should see their faces when I walk into a store and come out with what I went in for without a mask and they were told to put one on in same store. "But the sign says" If I hear about what the sign says one more time.....I'm putting up signs all over my home and let's see if they follow those signs! (no sleep again, 18-year-old up all night playing Fortnite, great brain-neuron stimulation for sign reading, no long sentences with BIG words) Have a great week, and hand this out to those masked morons if they give you a hard time. Great gift for windshields in large parking lots.

Posted by Deleted (73d85e25) at 2020-09-27 10:06:08 UTC