Banned for life for not wearing a mask seems to be the new trend. They are obviously confused about public vs private business. I want to know how to sue as hitting their bottom line should make a dent. - United Airlines announced on our flight multiple times that no mask could get you banned for life on their flights (Delta too) - Woman banned from grocery store in Montana...for life - Woman at Ohio HS football game banned for life (and arrested and tased !!) - Man banned from Disneyworld for life Doesn't this seem to be admitting this lie is NEVER going away? We were the only ones in the airport not wearing a mask. No one cared until we boarded the plane. There were mask "police" asking people to put on their mask during a funeral we attended. It really makes me want to cuss. The masked do-gooders seem to be prevailing.

Posted by Deleted (83663798) at 2020-09-26 23:30:39 UTC