Sharing on Friends in Law Group now. I had previously shared on the Community group here. Hello Friends in Law For those who remember, Hunt & Henriques Attorners (some of them like to be called Esquire) cannot verify a debt that they claim to be with Citi Bank. After sending them numerous notices, after receiving a letter from them stating they closed the account of their books and would not pursue this debt anymore, they filed a lawsuit against my Estate. Here's their last response (Donald Sherrill Esquire is about to get a Notice of Liability from me...) Read this Notice and please tell me what I JUST READ is what I just read... AND I cannot find the court case mentioned on the Notice (MCV-253075) on Sonoma County where I live. Nor in San Jose's county. @MalikaDulce I am going to file a small claim against them.

Posted by Deleted (8b70313a) at 2020-09-24 14:21:55 UTC