@pranvera sylaj : "Hi Malika I’m happy to be part of the friends in law group, I have some questions to ask, 1. I cancelled my banking account, there was no respond to the NOL, There denying my request and not closing the account what should I do? 2. Is it necessary to have home insurance even if it’s paid or not or I can cancel the insurance? 3. I did all three letters of NOL and I sent the coupon signed from the statements “bills” and yet still no answer and I am still getting statements with fees, what are my options. I have suggestion for the group could you make a document for notice recession of signature, cancelation of birth certificate, etc for the basics of what to put in the document , who to address it to and how the document should look like for the people like me who are having a hard time comprehending and not getting results, thank you❤️" My response: 1. Send the bank an invoice/True Bill charging them a per day fee for keeping the account open and the personal information and data (name/identifying numbers) they are using despite the written instructions to terminate. 2. Insurance is optional. Some find it helpful and some realize it for the scam it is! Insurance is only for property used in regulated interstate/intrastate Commerce. One can save up for regular and extra-ordinary repairs. 3. I'm not clear who or for what reason the NoL process was done so please add details and context so we may better answer. The documents mentioned already exist and are being converted into PDF form to be uploaded here on this new platform shortly if not already by @Robin Marie 

Posted by MalikaDulce at 2020-09-23 20:25:24 UTC