Look here what someone shared with me. Mr. Mac Tristan - Page 2 (GA-0179) One of the Authority’s principal duties is to “develop a statewide automobile registration program to be administered by the Department of Public Safety.” Id 3 9(a). The Authority is directed to “identify a period of the day during which most automobiles are not used. An owner of an automobile that does not usually use the automobile during that period may register the automobile with the Department of Public Safety in accordance with the program developed by the authority.” Id. § 9(b). The registration program includes the issuance “to the owner of an automobile registered under this section a decal or other appropriate identifying marker to be affixed to the automobile to indicate that the automobile is registered with the program.” Id. 8 9(e). “A peace officer who observes a registered automobile that is being operated during the period of the day identified by the authority under Subsection (b) of this section may stop the automobile to determine whether the automobile is being operated by the owner or with the owner’s permission.” Id. 5 9(f). Section 8 of article 4413(37) describes the Authority’s use of appropriated funds. Much of its funding is derived from a fee imposed on insurers. Section 10(b) requires that an insurer “pay to the authority a fee equal to $1 multiplied by the total number of motor vehicle years of insurance for insurance policies delivered, issued for delivery, or renewed by the insurer.” Id. 8 10(b). “Insurer” is defined in article 44 13(37) as “any insurance company writing any form of motor vehicle insurance in this state, including an interinsurance or reciprocal exchange, mutual company, mutual association, or Lloyd’s plan.” Id. 0 1 O(a)( 1) (emphasis added). The term “motor vehicle insurance” is not defined in article 4413(37). The Authority looks to the Insurance Code to define the term. See Request Letter, supra note 1, at 2. Article 5.01 (e) of the Insurance Code provides: TEX. INS. CODE ANN. art. 5.01(e) (Vernon Supp. 2004) (emphasis added).(1) establishing and funding the automobile registration program required by Section 9 of this article; (2) providing financial support to law enforcement agencies for economic automobile theft enforcement teams; (3) providing financial support to law enforcement agencies, local prosecutors, judicial agencies, and neighborhood, community, business, and nonprofit organizations for programs designed to reduce the incidence of economic automobile theft; (4) conducting educational programs designed to inform automobile owners of methods of preventing automobile theft; (5) providing equipment, for experimental purposes, to assist automobile owners in preventing automobile theft; and (6) establishing a uniform program to prevent stolen motor vehicles from entering Mexico. SO IN TEXAS, THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO STOP YOU TO PREVENT THEFT, AND TO MAKE SURE NO STOLEN CARS GET TAKEN TO MEXICO. THIS IS HOW THEY DEFINE CHECKING YOUR PAPERS AT THE BORDER.

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