Good morning Friends! Who else is working to slim down notices and improve their impact? ELOQUENCE OR ORATORY. The act or art of speaking well upon any subject with a view to persuade. It comprehends a good elocution, correct and appropriate expressions uttered, with fluency, animation and suitable action. **The principal rules of the art, which must be sought for in other works** (notices, motions, affidavits...), are summarily expressed in the following lines: 👉"Be brief, be pointed; let your matter stand Lucid in order, solid, and at hand; Spend not your words on trifles, but condense; Strike with the mass of thoughts, not drops of sense; Press to the close with vigor once begun, And leave, (how hard the task!) leave off when done; Who draws a labor'd length of reasoning out, Put straws in lines for winds to whirl about; Who draws a tedious tale of learning o'er, Counts but the sands on ocean's boundless shore; Victory in law is gain'd as battle's fought, Not by the numbers, but the forces brought; What boots success in skirmishes or in fray, If rout and ruin following close the day? What worth a hundred Posts maintained with skill, If these all held, the foe is victor still? 👉He who would win his cause, with power must frame Points of support, and look with steady aim: Attack the weak, defend the strong with art, Strike but few blows, but strike them to the heart; All scatter'd fires but end in smoke and noise, The scorn of men, the idle play of boys. Keep, then, this first great precept ever near, 👉Short be your speech, your matter strong and clear, Earnest your manner, warm and rich your style, Severe in taste, yet full of grace the while; So may you reach the loftiest heights of fame, And leave, when life is past, a deathless name." #noticeofliability #noticeoffault #noticeofdefault #noticeofdispute #PMAP #winning #bouviers

Posted by RobinMarie at 2020-12-13 12:45:46 UTC