39 CFR § 501.1 Definitions (a) Postage Evidencing Systems regulated by part 501 produce evidence of prepayment of postage by any method other than postage stamps and permit imprints. A Postage Evidencing System is a device or system of components that a customer uses to generate and print evidence that postage required for mailing has been paid. Postage Evidencing Systems print indicia, such as information-based indicia or intelligent mail indicia to indicate postage payment. They include but are not limited to postage meters and PC Postage systems. ______________________________________ "any method other than postage stamps and permit imprints."... So: a written undertaking in affidavit form giving the numerical identifier as evidence of the prepayment... ______________________________________ The simpler - the better... Federal Trust Agreement... [Intelligent Mail Indicia Performance Criteria (IMIPC)] ______________________________________ Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, International Mail Manual Issued November 2, 2020 140 International Mail Categories... . . 142.4 General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) <<< The following standards apply when mail is sent as OAS General Secretariat official mail: a. Only unregistered or registered First-Class Mail International and First Class Package International Service items bearing the return address of the OAS General Secretariat and weighing not more than 4 pounds are accepted without postage when addressed to the OAS member countries listed in 142.4b. Items in all other mail classes must be prepaid by the mailer. So; if one is the poster, then is it the transfer agent that is the mailer...? ;) ______________________________________ So; let's look at "prepaid"... 150 Postage 152.1 Prepayment Each item must be fully prepaid to ensure prompt dispatch and to avoid assessment of charges against the addressee. For the treatment of shortpaid and unpaid mail, see 420. ___________________________________________ 742 Stamps Not Affixed 742.1 Marking Some items of foreign origin do not bear postage stamps, but instead are marked “POSTAGE PAID,” “ON POSTAL SERVICE,” “SERVICE DES POSTES,” “TAXE PERCUE” or “TP,” or “PORT PAYE” or “PP,” followed by postmark. The marking On Her Majesty’s Service or O.H.M.S. is also sometimes used. Treat this mail as prepaid. 742.2 Parcels Without Postage Stamps Some foreign post offices do not put postage stamps on parcels. All such parcels received must be regarded as prepaid. [Homemade stamps in accordance with 18 USC 8 - "stamps or other representatives of vlue"...] _____________________________________ 743 Parcels Addressed Through Banks or Other Organizations 743.1 Notification of Arrival If a parcel is addressed to a bank or other organization for delivery to a second addressee, the Post Office facility will notify both addressees of the arrival of the parcel and will then deliver it to the first addressee, or hold it if the first addressee so requests. If the parcel is held, the Post Office facility will deliver it to the second address only with written permission from the first addressee, unless the sender has arranged for a change of address. If delivery to the second addressee involves forwarding the parcel to another Post Office facility, the parcel will be subject to forwarding postage as provided in 764.13. In all cases, electronic record management sites will scan/enter the mailpiece barcode and enter the corresponding event code in the handheld scanner. 743.2 Filing Authorization After delivery to the second addressee, the Post Office facility will keep the first addressee’s written authorization for 1 year, in case of inquiry. Authorizations will be filed as follows: a. For insured parcels: with addressees’ receipts. b. For uninsured parcels: in any appropriate place. [Tell me that sounds just like Notary Presentment ;) ] _______________________________________ 764 Mail of Foreign Origin 764.1 Forwarding Within the United States 764.132 Air Forwarding by air must be prepaid. ________________________________________ [United States recognition here: https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/frank]

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