#MoneyTalk Title 31. Money and Finance: Treasury Subtitle B. Regulations Relating to Money and Finance Chapter X. FINANCIAL CRIMES ENFORCEMENT NETWORK, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Part 1010. GENERAL PROVISIONS 31 CFR § 1010.100 - General definitions. (4) Provider of prepaid access - (i) In general. A provider of prepaid access is the participant within a prepaid program that agrees to serve as the principal conduit for access to information from its fellow program participants. The participants in each prepaid access program must determine a single participant within the prepaid program to serve as the provider of prepaid access. (ii) Considerations for provider determination. In the absence of registration as the provider of prepaid access for a prepaid program by one of the participants in a prepaid access program, the provider of prepaid access is the person with principal oversight and control over the prepaid program. Which person exercises “principal oversight and control” is a matter of facts and circumstances. Activities that indicate “principal oversight and control” include: (A) Organizing the prepaid program; (B) Setting the terms and conditions of the prepaid program and determining that the terms have not been exceeded; (C) Determining the other businesses that will participate in the prepaid program, which may include the issuing bank, the payment processor, or the distributor; (D) Controlling or directing the appropriate party to initiate, freeze, or terminate prepaid access; and (E) Engaging in activity that demonstrates oversight and control of the prepaid program. (iii) Prepaid program. A prepaid program is an arrangement under which one or more persons acting together provide(s) prepaid access. However, an arrangement is not a prepaid program if: (A) It provides closed loop prepaid access to funds not to exceed $2,000 maximum value that can be associated with a prepaid access device or vehicle on any day; (B) It provides prepaid access solely to funds provided by a Federal, State, local, Territory and Insular Possession, or Tribal government agency; (C) It provides prepaid access solely to funds from pre-tax flexible spending arrangements for health care and dependent care expenses, or from Health Reimbursement Arrangements (as defined in 26 U.S.C. 105(b) and 125) for health care expenses; or (D) (1) It provides prepaid access solely to: (i) Employment benefits, incentives, wages or salaries; or (ii) Funds not to exceed $1,000 maximum value and from which no more than $1,000 maximum value can be initially or subsequently loaded, used, or withdrawn on any day through a device or vehicle; and (2) It does not permit: (i) Funds or value to be transmitted internationally; (ii) Transfers between or among users of prepaid access within a prepaid program; or (iii) Loading additional funds or the value of funds from non-depository sources. _______________________________________

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