"No one has ever been a #UScitizen BY LAW But when they register to vote they are by Presumption ONLY on the part of the corporation. All courts are private as stated in my Which One Are you book. published 20 years ago, On page 119. All agencies are Private corporations. All law is based on Presumption... What do I mean by Presumption? The law of contracts is by presumption and the corporations use it all the time . Who are these corporations? The #UNITEDSTATES and all 50 STATES. Why do they all appear in caps? Because artificial corporations have to use all caps in their name. Check out your STATES Secretary of STATE’S #UCC Section. When corporations are registered to do business. All have to have their names in capital letters. That is why they have tagged you a US Citizen . By presumption on their part, you are their subject, as you are now deemed by them, to be a person. By #presumption." http://landgrantpatent.org/pdf/none_us_citizen.pdf

Posted by MalikaDulce at 2020-12-13 05:58:21 UTC