When someone claims, "i have to pay my 'bills'!" what precisely are they saying? Have they looked at the alleged "bill": 1. says, "STATEMENT", not "Bill" 2. does not address the wo/man in the private but as the presumed Agent receiving service and authorized to act/serve sentence on behalf. 3. Does not state it is an "attempt to collect a debt" nor make a demand for payment. 4. Uses a peso symbol and does not specify what specie of "money" the digits following describe. 5. Is a "deceptive form" and "false and misleading representation pursuant to 15 USC 1692j and 15 USC 1692e respectively. 6. is being used to "create a fictitious obligation" pursuant to 18 USC 514. 7. Can and is being used to secure Federal Reserve Notes from the Bank directly to the applicant pursuant to 12 USC 412. 8. Is actually a bill of attainder/indictment pursuant to Article I, Section 9, Clause 3 of the federal constitution. 9. Can be purported to be unlawful and the discontinuance of service "cruel and unusual punishment" pursuant to Article the eight of the federal Bill of Rights and corresponding state version. #MoneyTalk #PayDebts #paybills #Billofindictment

Posted by MalikaDulce at 2020-12-13 05:26:51 UTC