El Hotepsekhemwy Pero... do sign in good faith and given with patent right by; keith and for the benefit of our neighbors:... Greetings all... keith here; hoping every one is having a great day, en-joy-ing life, living life, loving life... You and your defined; one who deceives... [A]s hereby stated, printed, typed or otherwise published by this creator and herein freely given in the domain of public witness that; all content originating from this "place" [venue, situs, limitation] is a "private" place from within and expressly open with peace of truth and intent of professing such truth in love and faith and shall not be opressly denied in any form... As stated in the social platform contracts you hold allowing free access to "users" of that "service" of "providing a public sharing platform" clearly dictates you are NOT the "Publisher" of the content [o]n any specific platform including your own...! Your own contract even discloses the fact of not being liable to begin with for this very mitigting factor...! A "Publisher" is responsible for his content... thus why we should remain "Private"!!! As well, if you claim to be said publisher then you admit that you are most certainly liable to tort claims...! However; that is a matter of capacity that can still be maintained within the public venue: So; keith is not saying that we can not conduct activities of private matter but rather specifically; that a greater and longer standing capacity exists... See: KJV - Isaiah 54... Jeremiah 1:5... Could it be we actually have a duty to do so and that fettering is a greater crime/tort than that of the illegal act of interference with commerce...? That last verse of Isaiah 54...! BOOM!

Posted by El Hotepsekhemwy Pero at 2020-12-12 04:25:39 UTC