Lots has happened, my sons truck was stolen, truck returned. No tools, lively hood, so in my detective work from an easement I found his ladders on November 30th 2020. Police station closed to the public, a detective finally called today to "set an appointment for a statement" God help us if they can't harass you they won't do shit When they pull you over they attempt (not I I never consent) to search with reasonable articulable suspicion? Update in the middle of this: My son went there with officers got 1 ladder back (the 2 new ones are gone), his work supplies, his gutter material with his logo, but the officers are saying they can't get a warrant because it may have not been the person who's yard it is in... what the fuck is going on here??? I am beyond..... Who. who is liable?? the detectives, the woman who took the statement, the officers? All of those and more??

Posted by Heather Perry at 2020-12-10 16:48:26 UTC