Facebook censorship... Anti-trust violations because of fraudulent actions within contracts that violate privacy/ private rite... even when censoring content by a creator/publisher... They are a "service provider" of a "publishing platform" intended as social not commercial forum - thus a public domain... All about "data"... A Policy that Clearly and Conspicuously states "Censorship" of any kind has already stepped outside the legal or lawful realm of their own authority... One can Not Make public laws in Privity of contract... Moronic and again; inconsistent... All of man has rite to be public with his views indiscriminately for they themselves can not and do not injure anyone in fact and can ONLY be assumed/presumed as mere opinion... Content subjected to "Personal Identification" of a bias source and does not allow the most inherent descript of being a publisher is the anonymity by and through a "Pen Name"... This is The first issue I have is the upfront demand of use of at least two identifications and thus forcing identification of privacy in a public forum - it IS a Data Element [Identifier] they can not compel!!!

Posted by El Hotepsekhemwy Pero at 2020-12-10 04:31:56 UTC