A story from an anonymous friend... "I was just sharing a story from my first trial at a mens pizza party this evening about how I was railroaded right over all my Constitutional papers demanding all my rights and waiving none including time,, whatever that used to mean,, and then was found quilty of The Big Three, and resisting arrest, attempting to alude and being a complete smart ass for a two day trial but rather than appearing for sentencing the following Monday at 9am I went to the city and interupted a Federal District Judge and Declared Treason against the Christian people and demanded an Emergency Hearing, was arrested by federal marshals out front, rescheduled for sentencing a couple of days later and given no time, no fines, no probation, nor any paperwork and asked to just go away,,, I guess they did not want to see what My Emergency Hearing was going to look like,,,"

Posted by El Hotepsekhemwy Pero at 2020-12-10 02:27:53 UTC