@MalikaDulce what rights do the people have for being collateral on the NAWAPA UCC-1 and where can it be referenced as the people having rights just from being collateral/backing the 14 quadrillion? This question is coming from the standpoint of them categorizing us as live stock under an agricultural lien, yes we back the loan but have no rights to claim since we back it, that everything that one need is paid for. We do have rights that we are born with but that's separate from the UCC-1, correct? Collateral= assets that a "lender" accepts as security for a loan. Which the assets will in turn have an economic value measured in the units of currency. We're just securities to back the issuance of the frn's that the "lenders" can come after if the debtors fail to pay. Basically how does collateral have rights? The Secured Parties would have first in line first in time creditor rights, correct?

Posted by Oshun at 2020-12-08 04:32:39 UTC