Thinking of starting some study classes for etymology, etiology and epistemology... roots!!! El Hotepsekhemwy Pero... [] _______________________________________ If one were to be put to task of painting a picture to portray a thousand words to enlighten and and catch the admiration of world empires and their "earthly kings"; what would it "look like"... an image and likeness perhaps...? Would you use a pen or brush or another creative way [weigh - as in measure - as in medium - as in balance - as in all elements used to create]...? Which would make broader strokes [act of striking - as in symbology - to draw out - as to stretch - as in relation to person - there is a medium - something in the middle]...? Which would be more colorful [the elements in the middle - as in between borders - as in color within the lines]...? Would you use multiple creative ways [did you just use a blowdryer and a plastic bottle with holes in it with paint dripping from it as a medium to paint that ellegent profile]...? What would you use for fine strokes...? [could that stroke be just a stroke of ones breath lightly blowing a small portion of lead dust away just before they stroke the surface; just struck by breath; with a dauber to stretch the residual across the surface]...? Which would be more patent [observable]...? [Remember; A deaf man can see but; the blind - they see too, just through different observations] Which picture is more observable [exactly how are you observing and are you actually observing it appropriately according to what is already patent and observable in nature]...? How do you see the real lies [are you easily fancied by colorful communications that distract you from the true beauty around you]...? Realize the rea lies with ALL of your "real eyes"...! A noun variable I am not - first and foremost one can observe my-self ever pre-sent and moving; meaning I am [i]n "fact" what is "de-fined" [Keith; Christ in Eucharist and the wholy ghost is fine as pre-sent and ordained] [a]s a verb in any literal grammar, while Keith does fess the truth as; I am as I always have been, as I am now, and forever will be; a part of the whole picture] As a noun variable they are of three persons; first, second and third... As a first person the noun is defined as a; Proper noun [first letter capitalized] or common noun if not... this is actually a proper-pronoun because it can function as keith in all noun positions as a phrase by itself... So; First Person - Samuel Clemmens Second Person- Mark Twain Third Person - Tom Sawyer Pronouns are words such as I [singular use as a vowel is always capital]; we; us; our etc... this type of noun shows a clear nexus to a "body" of "some" "thing"... These are all in a quantum sense actually abstract nouns... A concrete noun however; no matter how described or defined is much different: Concrete noun - can be; smelled, tasted, touched, seen and heard... Abstract noun - complete fiction... does not exist in but anothers mind... don't let it infect your mind!!! It is a distraction by abstraction from the original contractions!!! Can that image be sent as a vibration such as sound of wyrd...? [Weird] huh, maybe I'm [wired] differently or I just comically [wried] a [ward] without a [word] of [wyrd]...? Do you SEE all the "morphemes" [morphed] of the "graphemes" [literal symbology] of the "phonemes" [quantum verbal phonics]... Wyrd

Posted by El Hotepsekhemwy Pero at 2020-12-05 23:22:57 UTC