So i went to rent a hotel room earlier, just to get out the house. They would not take the passport card for renting the room. i have been using it every time i get a room. i know we have to get rid of it to, but it is the last thing i have. She refused it, and said i needed a 2nd id for proof in order to rent the room. Found this info no where on their site, and it matched the credit card so they actually had two forms with matching. She literally said i have to have a drivers license or a State ID. So what do yew suggest i do? Even tried to explain to them that a Passport over rode a DL. As one was Federal and one was State. i think it was because i didn't have a mask on, but can't prove it.

Posted by Deleted (746252b4) at 2020-09-19 21:17:09 UTC