FOUND SOME JEWEL INFORMATION, NOT LEGAL ADVICE FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. NAME OF THE COURT NAME OF PLAINTIFF Plaintiff Case Number: 123-AB-45 vs NAME OF DEFENDANT Defendant Fraud Upon the Court Come Now, John Doe, authorized representative for JOHN DOE to make public notice of fraud being performed and perpetuated upon the court by the following persons: • Name of the judge, styled properly (Upper-lower cased) • Name of the county clerk, styled properly (Upper-lower cased) • Name of the prosecutor/attorney or social worker, styled properly (Upper-lower cased) “Fraud upon the court” defined – where misrepresentation has been made to the court, or by the court itself. Impartiality of the court has been so disrupted that it can’t perform its tasks without bias or prejudice. The above-named persons acting as “attorney”, or any other government official title, take oaths of allegiance to the British Accredited Registry (BAR), which is owned by New England a foreign state, which makes them foreign to the People of the United States of America pursuant to 8 USC § 1481. Such officials are also required to take Oaths to the Constitution, which • gives them foreign status, diminishing any presumption of power to usurp over any person(s) not within their jurisdiction without their consent, and • creates a blatant conflict of interest since they’re all BAR members with financial interest in the matter. There is also conflict of interest by said officials with respect to “cooperative arrangements” pursuant to 45 CFR § 302.34. Such “cooperative arrangements” are equivalent to bribe funding for their participation with having such child support contracts implemented. The above-named officials unlawfully used means of identification of John/Jane Doe without his/her consent pursuant to 18 USC § 1028A to coerce him/her into their commercial quasi-judicial hearing to use intimidation, deception, schemes, fraudulent misrepresentation and other forms of pressure to compel John/Jane Doe into compliance with their agenda, even after John/Jane Doe clearly states that he/she does NOT consent to the contractual agreement nor their using of the said means of identification. Such fraud upon the court, aggravated identity theft, intimidation, schemes, deception, fraudulent misrepresentation, etc. performed and perpetuated by the above-named persons acting in cahoots, hinders impartial performance which typically results in unconscionable results schemed against the targeted victim by the said officials for the purpose of unjust enrichment. The term “means of identification” means any name or number that may be used, alone or in conjunction with any other information, to identify a specific individual, including any— (A) name, social security number, date of birth, official State or government issued driver’s license or identification number, alien registration number, government passport number, employer or taxpayer identification number; (B) unique biometric data, such as fingerprint, voice print, retina or iris image, or other unique physical representation; (C) unique electronic identification number, address, or routing code; or (D) telecommunication identifying information or access device. Due to such fraudulent acts upon the court, any and all judgements or orders filed into this case by any of the said officials are hereby voided and this case is hereby dismissed. Any further acts of fraud performed by any of the above-named officials and agents or any other officials or agents assigned to this case, agree by his or her acts of fraud to be held personally liable for damages for the injuries he or she may cause as well as criminal charges for deprivation of rights under color or law pursuant to 18 USC §242, 18 USC §245 & 42 USC §1983. Let this serve as a contractual agreement, served in their private capacity and filed on the public record. Further says not.. John Doe AR By: _________________________________ c/o Street Address Authorized Representative for JOHN City, State [ zip ] DOE Certificate of Service This is to certify that a copy of Violation Warning Denial of Rights Under Color of Law COL Form has been served to the following via certified or regular mail: Name of the judge, styled properly (Upper-lower cased) Street address City, State, Zip Certified Mail: 123456789 Name of the county clerk, styled properly (Upper-lower cased) Street address City, State, Zip Certified Mail: 123456789 Name of the prosecutor/attorney or social worker, styled properly (Upper-lower cased) Street address City, State, Zip Certified Mail: 123456789 Subscribed and sworn (or affirmed) before me this ____ day of Month, 2019. ______________________________ Notary Public

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