What...???!!! "8 Federal Government Hierarchy Maintenance SAM keeps organizational hierarchies for entities registered in SAM. For U.S. Federal Government entities, SAM maintains its own hierarchy for various departments and agencies. For all other types of entties registered in SAM (such as businesses and organizations), SAM uses the DUNS hierarchy provided by D&B. The hierarchy represents the “family tree” for an organization and enables: Linkage of one entity to another in a “family tree” Relating of actions (Entity Management registration, exclusions, and later capabilities like subcontract reporting and solicitation posting) to both an entity and, by relation, to its parent Management of users at lower level entities in the “family tree” Roll-up reporting Drill-down searches The sections below focus specifically on the Federal Government Hierarchy and how it is managed in SAM. On the website, mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*) to prompt you to enter information for all required fields."

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