I have a doozy. I spent thanksgiving naked in jail on 2nd degree stalking charges getting picked up for driving down a street that’s commonly used, but my exes apartment complex is on the same street. There was NO restraining order. Apparently an unlicensed private investigator (license is required in city limits) had attached a GPS tracker to my vehicle. He cannot retrieve the tracker or prove it was on my vehicle. There’s also no video or photo evidence placing me on site with GPS. The PI was hired by my exes new BF’s mom. She doesn’t know me and I don’t know her. From what I have gathered from evidence this stems from shortly after our breakup when I delivered flowers to my exes work when she wasn’t there and said they’re from a secret admirer. Turns out she already had a new boyfriend as I received several calls and a harassing/threatening voicemail from him. Her story to him and the police is that I’m some crazy guy she used to work with and she allowed me to use her storage space at her apartment. She denies ever having a relationship although we lived together for nearly a year. The police stated they pulled me over and were detaining me because they were investigating a crime. I didn’t answer their questions and refused to allow them to search my phone. They seized two phones and two journals. I understand the arrest was illegal. Seeing as there was no actual evidence or reason for this guys mom to hire a PI I imagine I can file suit against her and the PI for violating my privacy, and the police for violating the 4th? This happened in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Where do I go from here? Court is in early February, any advice? I’m a complete beginner here.

Posted by Deleted (1c72c419) at 2020-12-04 16:18:15 UTC