This does say "Online Shipping" which would be indicative of venue and jurisdiction being that of Shipping and Being International - thus why Postal Service Vehicles do not have State OR Federal Licensing... thus no plates on the mail vehicles... only private contract carriers have and are required [and likely have not taken an oath of office AND given a seperate written undertking under penalty of perjury with seperate wet ink signature] to have a Driver License... hmmm... They are PUBLIC SERVANTS First and if they operate for emoluments it proves breach of trust... Who you gonna pay...? LOL... ______________________________________ What other products does USPS offer? Mail services. USPS handles a remarkable 40% of the world’s total mail volume. Online shipping. Pay for, print and ship your items from anywhere in the US. Gifts. USPS offers a wide range of affordable gifts through its Postal Store. Passports. USPS accepts passport applications on behalf of the US State Department. _______________________________________ Realize they DO "Operate" [a]s a Bank... Like anything else - which "hat" are they wearing and when... AND WHERE!!!??? _______________________________________ Source:

Posted by El Hotepsekhemwy Pero at 2020-12-04 00:13:18 UTC