Use #JudicialNotice of these supreme court cases to stop #CPS in their tracks when they try to attack how one educates or raises their child(ren)!! Simple and effective remedy here, folks! #fullfaithandcredit #HHS #DHS #SSA He doesn't really start getting into it until about 4+ mins in but bear with the beginning babble because he gets great! I would also include Social Security Act Section XI [1101] (d): "Nothing in this Act shall be construed as authorizing any Federal official, agent, or representative, in carrying out any of the provisions of this Act, to take charge of any child over the objection of either of the parents of such child, or of the person standing in loco parentis to such child." Whereas: (Sec. 1105. [42 U.S.C. 1305] ) This Act may be cited as the “Social Security Act”, and; Whereas: RULES AND REGULATIONS Sec. 1102. [42 U.S.C. 1302] (a) **The Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Labor, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services**, respectively, shall make and publish such rules and regulations, not inconsistent with this Act, as may be necessary to the efficient administration of the functions with which each is charged under this Act. This is why these agencies need to get notice of termination of Agency... They are enforcing their #SocialSecurity service contract upon us! Caption from youtube: I used these 9 supreme court rulings in appeals of Iowa Dhs color of law persecution of me. 6 times they have harassed, coerced, and fraudulently put me and my family through hell. all 6 times i have come out victorious. not once have they removed a child from my custody or care. learn your rights as parents and grandparents and legal guardians to protect yourselves and your family from the corrupt actions of a corporation acting under the color of law. Ive had several people ask how to spell some of the cases so I figured its easier to post it here so everyone can have them. These are the rulings 1. Pierce v. Society of Sisters(1925) 2. Moore v. East Cleveland(1977) 3. Smith v. Organization of Foster Families(1977) 4. Quilloin v. Walcott(1978) 5. Parham v. J.R.(1979) 6. Santosky v. Kramer(1982) 7. Reno v. Flores(1993) 8. Washington v. Glucksburg(1997) 9. Troxel v. Granville(2000) IWOA court svs15008631 @tabyny24 @kristinalindler

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