Just dealt with the counter trolls at the Register of Deeds. After receiving unsolicited legal advise from an unlicensed public servant. I ask for a claim form for their risk management (performance bond). Both clerks had no idea what I was asking for.As I had demand a copy of their liability company several months prior (just for research). Called the Insurance company for The COUNTY OF JACKSON, MICHIGAN. I spoke with someone from Michigan Municipality Risk Management Authority, asking how I get a claim form and policy #. Guy stated that JACKSON was self insured and that MRMA only processed their claims. Guy stated I need to contact the county. When I stated "I had demanded a claim form from 4 county employees. One being the Register of Deeds, Guy disconnect the phone call. I have been going over my notes and can not locate the Federal agency that handles insurance. Does any one on here have that information? I plan on filing a claim as soon as I can locate the information.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by tcasad at 2020-12-02 22:51:43 UTC