This may have been addressed in the Traffic Blocking class but if not it's good info from Derrick Gonzalez. The second that a policy enforcer, or a TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT employee or even an actual Law enforcement official such as a sworn in sheriff or deputy turns on the emergency lights and pulls you over when there is no emergency, then they have committed a felony, for declaring an emergency when none exists. And furthermore, if the one who is pulling you over is not an employee of a TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT, or has not been authorized by a TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT to issue any TRAFFIC CITATIONS pertaining to the TRANSPORTATION CODE, which is not Law but merely corporate CODE that regulates DRIVING or commerce on the roads, then he or she has no such authority to even issue any TRAFFIC CITATIONS pertaining to any TRANSPORTATION CODES. S, they either are authorized to issue tickets and or are employees of a TRANSPORTATION agency, or they are not. And if any of them declare an emergency when there is none, then they are committing a felony offense. And, they are only authorized to stop those DRIVERS of commercial MOTOR VEHICLES who are violating rules of the TRANSPORTATION CODE. So yeah, most TRAFFIC stops of travelers in their automobiles are false arrests or detainments or whatever other LEGALESE terms are used, and any actual arrests made on travelers who are not engaged in DRIVING is false and fraudulent and subject to prosecution of any corporate employee or Law enforcement official who does commit such actions. And having a DRIVER LICENSE, and INSURANCE and even having a vehicle REGISTERED is not proof that the man or woman traveling in their automobile is in fact engaged in DRIVING or commerce on the roads. But the thing is, that most people are clueless as to their Rights, Law, LEGAL matters which are merely contractual, and how they have been hypnotized by word spells or LEGALESE, which enables the equally ignorant and often quite stupid policy enforcers, TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT employees and actual Law enforcement officials to carry on with the fleecing of worthless Fed Notes from the ignorant unknowing masses. So, let'em write out their contracts, or tickets, say yes or no, don't try to teach any of the idiots anything, don't argue with the idiots, and take it up later with the BAR ASSOCIATION idiot psychopath prosecutor who is or isn't stupid enough to attempt to use fraudulent or false evidence in a LEGAL proceeding such as a false or fabricated or fraudulent contract, which is a third degree felony punishable by a fine and imprisonment. DISMISSED, will be what the prosecuting moron will say, if they have any lick of sense. If not, then so be it. The BAR idiot will get a notice from the Federal court house to cease with his fraudulent activities. Or if the Feds don't do their job like they're supposed to do because they're the ones who regulate their inferiors, the the prosecuting idiots will get a demand to see the foreign agent REGISTRATION, the W9 filings, their oath of any office if they even have one, his bond if they even have that, the REGISTRATION and W9 filings of the corporation which hired their stupid ass, their BAR card membership which isn't a LICENSE to practice Law because there is no such thing as a LICENSE to practice Law issued by any State or STATE OF, and any other things that I forgot to mention. There's a lot of stuff that you can say and do and use to make those clowns cease their bullshit. But don't waste any time with any corporate clown cop or such who who think is the average ignorant and compartmentalized moron who likes to turn on his emergency lights to pull folks over to add top his paycheck and pension and or retirement package. If you want to piss off a corporate POLICY ENFORCER, turn on your hazard flashers immediately upon them creating an emergency where one does not exist with his/her lights. When they approach your window to commit an act treason or domestic terrorism, roll the window down three inches and ask them: "Excuse me sir, what is your emergency"? "Are you in need of assistance"? 1Iko No Klast

Posted by Deleted (75f9478c) at 2020-12-01 12:46:16 UTC