The #panamacanal and #BankHoax and #BankScam of the SSN and Birth Certificate: Exposing the hoax of the social security number card AND Berth/Birth Certificate using the Code of Federal Regulations and United States Code! Title 35 CFR, title 20 CFR, #foundling #foundlinghospital etc. My mind was blown researching this! [I mention this video on the live class on Saturday the twenty eighth] @Oshun @El Hotepsekhemwy Pero @AMIR ALI, AMBASSADOR @bey.aryeh @deletedmember @teenaonpurpose @Mahreeyah1 @Loochi Frames @El Hotepsekhemwy Pero @mnyulka

Posted by MalikaDulce at 2020-11-30 07:14:23 UTC