@MalikaDulce How would one approch a DSHS administrative hearing to suspend the lisence. Previously i have had a affidavid of truth file with the county for a different case(the prosecutor even admitted on paper I had appealable issues in it, it is also stamped and recived in the county). I have sent a cease and desist letter, lV contract letter, birth citifcate, ect. Iv always had my wages garnished un till I started taking care of my grandmother after she had a stroke and was in a wheelchair 3 years ago (I still do) conveniently right about when I'm to get my lisence back they start to come at me. They took the 1,200 stimulus check and I had contacted them to come to a agreement that I would be finding employment as soon as I get my lisence, they said it didn't matter I take care of my grandmother, the stimulus didn't count as I made a payment and covid 19 stay home order don't matter all that matters is I owe money and I'm to pay I was told. Any help from anyone and suggestions would be great . My plan to use first is don't move forward without proof of jurisdiction on the record ( this will be a phone hearing) second I'm unable to pay not unwilling , I gess third file xrosscomplaints if they continue,if any one has simmiler case or had and has any code,rules,statutes I can use would be helpful. And thank you for what you are doing here this web group has been so help full, my hearing is Dec 1st and my affidavid of truth is similar to David straight about my status and jurisdiction

Posted by msharris3380 at 2020-11-30 05:59:58 UTC