I used their form to draw up my own statement of separation... See link to form at bottom of post... ____________________________________ 1596669529-KL-81966 Statement of Separation I, Keith-Orland: menage; Little: do hereby make the following statement of separation from employment of trade or business, otherwise known as, performing the functions of public office within or without the Department of State of the United States information agencies and instrumental constructs... As used herein the term "employment" includes all periods of assignment or detail, as well as any periods temporary, part-time or intermittent employment therein, and the term "separation" includes any suspension for any period in excess of 30 days, retirement from commercial activities, entry into disability or pension programs of which benefits are guaranteed for prior consideration whether duly paid or as contributions... 1) I have in my possession only documents/instruments which I am allowed through prior consideration for actual benefit by and through equal rights among the laws... 2) I shall not publish, nor reveal to any person, any classified or administratively controlled information of which I have knowledge, or any other information transmitted to my-self in confidence in the course of any performance, contracts, leases, bids, awards, rewards etc. except as may be authorized by the officials of the employing Department or Agency empowered and conferred by Federal executive order granting permission to disclose such information... 3) I hereby advise all principles, agents, actors, participants, performers, interlopers, interveners, officious inter-meddlers etc. to heed the criminal penalties related to United States Government records, information and the use thereof as a matter of "national" importance... Violations often committed but; not limited to; by officials (officers of the court); and participating agents not-learned in law... 18 US Code - sections as follows... 641; Public money, property records... 793; Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information... 794; Gathering or delivering information to aid foreign government... 798; Disclosure of classified information... 952; Diplomatic codes and correspondence... 1905; Disclosure of confidential information generally... 2071; Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally... Includes but; not limited to... 42 US Code - sections as follows... 2272; Violation of specific sections... 2273; Violation of sections generally... 2274; Communication of Restricted Data... 2275; Receipt of Restricted Data... 2276; Tampering with Restricted Data... 2277; Disclosure of Restricted Data... These violations lay wide the civil process of 42 US Code -1983; Civil action for deprivation of rights... 50 US Code - 783; sections as follows... 783(b) Receipt of, or attempt to receive, by foreign agent or member of Communist organization, classified information... 783(d) Limitation period... In regards to employees, principles, agents, actors, performers, participants etc. these restrictions are consistent with and do not supersede, conflict with or otherwise alter the obligation, rights or liabilities of said persons, created by Executive Order 12356; section 7211 of Title 5 of the US Code(governing disclosure to Congress); section 1034 of Title 10 of the US Code, as amended by the Military Whistle-blower Act(governing disclosures of illegality, waste, fraud, abuse or public health or safety threats); the Intelligence Identity Protection Act of 1982 (50 US Code - 421 et. seq)(governing disclosures that could expose confidential Government agents); and the statutes that protect against disclosures that may compromise the national security, including but; not limited to; sections 641, 793, 794, 798 and 952 of Title 18 of the US Code, and section 4(b) of the Subversive Activities Act of 1950(50 US Code 783(b))... The definitions, requirements, obligations, rights, sanctions and liabilities created by said Executive Order and listed statutes are incorporated into this agreement and are controlling... 4) I reaffirm that the provisions of the espionage laws have been made available to said principles, agents, actors, performers, participants etc.; I have returned all necessary classified information to proper authorities; that I will not transmit, communicate, convey classified information to any unauthorized person(s) organization(s); that I will promptly report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation any attempt by unauthorized persons to solicit classified information with or without a security debriefing... 5) I am aware that Title 18 of the US Code, section 1001 provides criminal penalties for knowingly and willingly falsifying or concealing material facts in statement or document submitted to any agency of the United States Government concerning a matter under it's jurisdiction... You have been given knowledge; please act accordingly... Law of Principle applies: Notice to principle is notice to agent; notice to agent is notice to principle... DATE:__________________________________ A.D. ___________; Reverently; Keith; ________________________________ I; verify; Keith; did present him-self before my-self and; did knowingly; willingly; intentionally; put forth through his hand the mark above named Autograph... use of notary is testimonial only and not a grant of any jurisdictional transfer - claim remains in Admiralty... Notary ______________________________________________________________________ First hand witness; _______________________________________________________________________________________ Profession; ____________________ First hand witness; _______________________________________________________________________________________ Profession; ____________________ First hand witness; _______________________________________________________________________________________ Profession; ____________________ ABSOLUTE: ____________________________________ https://www.gsa.gov/cdnstatic/OF%20109.pdf?forceDownload=1

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