A short list of research material I have catalogedin the last 5 years... Compiled for a case in New Hampshire - Kidnapping of heirs... Dad sits in jail now while mom wears an ankle bracelet and Grandma has the little ones simply because she believes she can raise them better in a commercial society instead of on a Mountain where God is... For comprehension only of theier SMU... _______________________________________ Think NOT that I have shewed my self of information AND "know-ledge"... _______________________________________ SOURCES: not limited to the following; ____________________ See; KJV(King James Version) Bible; See; Federal Publishing of Government Publishing Offices Style Manual ( https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/GPO-STYLEMANUAL-2016/pdf/GPO-STYLEMANUAL-2016.pdf ) See; Dec 26, 1933 - 49 Stat 3097 Treaty Series 881 - Convention on Rights and Duties of State... See; Dec 9, 1945 - International Immunities Act - relinquished all government offices to the UN placing the United States and all States under international law... See; Nuremburg Code - Ten Points... See; Judiciary Act of 1789 which established the "Judicial branch" of the American Federal government... See; July 27, 1868 - 15 Stat 249,(1); Acts Concerning American citizens and Foreign States... See; Federal Reserve Act; savings to suitors clause... See; Social Security Act - "purpose" - no right of enforcement conferred anywhere - particularly stating the purpose "to raise revenue"... See; Hobbs Act; "The term extortion means the obtaining of property from another, with his consent, induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right." (Note; this imparts color of law - See; 18 usc 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law)... See; Administrative Procedures Act... See; Constitution for the United States of America... See; Constitution of New Hampshire... See; Federal Acquisition Regulations, 52.212-5... See; UCC 1-308; prior intent to reserve rights... See; UCC 3-402; Signature by Representative... See; UCC 1-202; Notice/knowledge... See; UCC 1-102; General definitions... See; UCC 1-103; hierarchy - choice of law... See; UCC 1-105; severability - foreign... See; UCC 3-502; dishonor - fraud... See; UCC 9-102; definitions... See; UCC 9-307(h); location of debtor... See; UCC 9-402; secured party not obligated... See; UCC 9-607; collection and enforcement... ____________________ See; 1 CFR 1.1; Definitions... See; 14 USC 1481; Citizenship relinquished... See; 17 CFR 240.15c2-1; Hypothecation of customers securities... See; 17 CFR § 240.16a-1 - Definition of terms... See; 17 CFR § 240.16a-8 - Trusts... See; 17 CFR § 249.103 - Form 3, initial statement of beneficial ownership of securities... See; 20 CFR 422.104; Who can be assigned a social security number... See; 22 CFR 92.12 - 92.31; Oaths of office... See; 22 CFR 93.1; Service through the diplomatic channel... See; 22 CFR 93.2; Notice of suit (or of default judgment)... See; 22 CFR 611; (b)"foreign principal"... See; 46 CFR 296.2; Definitions. Documentation Citizen means an entity able to document a vessel under 46 U.S.C. chapter 121. This definition includes a trust. ____________________ See; 1 USC 1; General provisions(directly related to UCC 1-103 - conformity through all jurisdictions - what's good for the goose; is good for the gander)... See; 8 USC 1701; Definitions (See; Public law 107-56/Patriot Act)... See; 15 USC 44; Definitions... See; 15 USC 1692a; Definitions... See; 15 USC 1692e; False and misleading representation... See; 15 USC 1692c; Communication in connection with the collection of debt... See; 15 USC 1692g; Validation of debt... See; 15 USC 1692j; Furnishing certain deceptive forms... See; 18 USC 18 - CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE... See; 18 USC 5; United States defined... See; 18 USC 7; Special and maritime jurisdiction of the United States... See; 18 USC 8; Obligation or other security of the United States... See; 18 USC 9; United States vessel defined... See; 18 USC 175; Prohibitions with respect to biological weapons... See; 18 USC 232; Definitions; 1,2,3,7,8 ... See; 18 USC 241; Conspiracy against rights... See; 18 USC 242; Deprivation of rights under color of law... See; 18 USC 666; Theft or bribery concerning programs receiving Federal funds (See; Federal Acquisition Regulations - part 52.212-5)... See; 18 USC 911; Citizen of the United States... See; 18 USC 912; Officer or employee of the United States... See; 18 USC 921; Definitions; a, (1)(14)... See; 18 USC 1001; Statements or entries generally... See; 18 USC 1341; frauds and swindles... See; 18 USC 1621; Perjury in general... See; 18 USC 1651; Piracy under law of nations... See; 18 USC 1654; Arming or serving on privateers See; 18 USC 1951; Interference with commerce by threats or violence... See; 18 USC 1961; Definitions... See; 18 USC 1962; Prohibited activities... See; 18 USC 1963; Criminal penalties... See; 18 USC 1964; Civil remedies... See; 18 USC 1965; Venue and process... See; 18 USC 1966; Expedition of actions... See; 18 USC 1967; Evidence... See; 18 USC 1968; Civil investigative demand... See; 18 USC 2111; Special maritime territorial jurisdiction... See; 18 USC 3077; Definitions... See; 28 USC 636; Jurisdiction, powers and temporary assignment... See; 28 USC 1330; Actions against foreign states... See; 28 USC 1331; Federal question... See; 28 USC 1332; Diversity of citizenship and amount of controversy... See; 28 USC 1333; Admiralty and maritime prize cases - proven by the flag within the courtroom... See; 28 USC 1441; Removal of civil actions... See; 28 USC 1602; Findings and declaration of purpose... See; 28 USC 1603; Definitions... See; 28 USC 1604; Immunity of a foreign state from jurisdiction... See; 28 USC 1605; General exceptions to the jurisdictional immunity of a foreign state... See; 28 USC 1606; Extent of liability... See; 28 USC 1607; Counterclaims... See; 28 USC 1608; Service; time to answer; default... See; 28 USC 1609; Immunity from attachment and execution of property of a foreign state... See; 28 USC 1610; Exceptions to the immunity from attachment or execution... See; 28 USC 1611; Certain types of property immune from execution... See; 28 USC 1733; Government records and papers; copies... See; 28 USC 3002; Definitions... See; 28 USC 3101; Prejudgement Remedies... See; 28 USC 3102; Attachment... See; 42 USC 1983; Civil action for deprivation of rights... See; 46 USC 3303; Reciprocity for foreign vessels... See; 22 USC 288f; Applicability of reciprocity laws... See; 46 USC 1247; Appointment of secretary as trustee or receiver; operations of vessel under court order; payments of operating costs; claims against corporation... See; 46 USC 50305; Appointment of trustee or receiver and operation of vessels... Maritime code 1, section 1, paragraph 1 - all vessels must have capitalized names... ******************************************************************* Cross-libel in bankruptcy... 11 USC - ANCILLARY AND OTHER CROSS-BORDER CASES... 11 USC 1501; Purpose and scope of application... 28 USC - JURISDICTION AND VENUE... 28 USC 586; Duties; supervision by Attorney General... Note: A company's actions as a DIP(Debtor In Possession) are closely regulated by the courts, but the status may allow it to salvage some assets... 28 USC 754; Receivers of property in different districts... 28 USC 959; Trustees and receivers suable; management; State laws... 28 USC 1331; Federal question... 28 USC 1503; Set-offs... 28 USC 1585; Powers in law and equity... 28 USC - DECLARATORY JUDGMENTS... 28 USC 1441; Removal of civil actions... 28 USC 1442; Federal officers or agencies sued or prosecuted... 28 USC 1443; Civil rights cases... 28 USC 1444; Foreclosure action against United States... 28 USC 1446; Procedure for removal of civil actions... 28 USC 1447; Procedure after removal generally... 28 USC 1448; Process after removal... 28 USC 1449; State court record supplied... 28 USC 1450; Attachment or sequestration; securities... 28 USC 2410; Actions affecting property on which United States has lien... 28 USC 1603; Definitions... 28 USC 1604; Immunity of a foreign state from jurisdiction... 28 USC 1607; Counterclaims... 28 USC 1631; Transfer to cure want of jurisdiction... 28 USC - COURT OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE... 28 USC 2201; Creation of remedy... 28 USC 2202; Further relief... 26 USC 166; Bad debts... 12 USC - BANKS AND BANKING... 12 USC 411; Issuance to reserve banks; nature of obligation; redemption... 12 USC 412; Application for notes; collateral required... 31 USC - MONEY AND FINANCE... 31 USC 3128; Proof of death to support payment - (also note; Form SS-4; copy to be attached if needed and Form SS-5 corrections to be made if needed)... 31 USC 3729; False claims... 31 USC 3730; Civil actions for false claims... 31 USC 3731; False claims procedure... 31 USC 3732; False claims jurisdiction... 31 USC 3733; Civil investigative demands... 31 CFR - MONEY AND FINANCE: Treasury... 31 CFR 363.10; What is a TreasuryDirect ® account?... 31 CFR 363.6; What special terms do I need to know to understand this part?... Lieber Code... Law of nations... Cypres Doctrine... Clearfield Doctrine... Calvo Doctrine... Unclean Hands Doctrine... Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; Rule 11. Signing Pleadings, Motions, and Other Papers; Representations to the Court; Sanctions... Rule 12. Defenses and Objections: When and How Presented; Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings; Consolidating Motions; Waiving Defenses; Pretrial Hearing... Rule 13. Counterclaim and Crossclaim... Rule 17. Plaintiff and Defendant; Capacity; Public Officers... Federal Rules of Evidence; Rule 1001; Definitions that apply to this Article... Rule 1002; Requirement of the Original... United Nations and the Rule Of Law - International Courts and Tribunals https://www.un.org/ruleoflaw/thematic-areas/international-law-courts-tribunals/international-courts-and-tribunals/ United States Court of International Trade https://www.cit.uscourts.gov/ United Nations General Assembly - United Nations Commission On International Trade Law - 57th Session - New York, 11–14 May 2020 https://undocs.org/en/A/CN.9/WG.V/WP.170 United Nations General Assembly - United Nations Commission On International Trade Law - Sessions over time https://uncitral.un.org/en/working_groups/5/insolvency_law

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