"No officer can acquire jurisdiction by deciding he has it. The officer, whether judicial or ministerial, decides at his own peril." Middleton v. Low (1866), 30 C. 596, citing Prosser v. Secor (1849), 5 Barb.(N.Y) 607, 608. "The innocent individual who is harmed by an abuse of governmental authority is assured that he will be compensated for his injury." Owens v. City of Independence, 100 S.Ct 1398 (1980) " ...If one individual does not possess such a right over the conduct of another [Good and Lawful Christian Man], no number of individuals [in a deliberative body] can possess such a right. All combinations, therefore, to effect such an object, are injurious, not only to the individuals particularly oppressed, but to the public at large". People v. Fisher, 14Wend.(N.Y.) 9, 28 Am.Dec. 501 #Jurisdiction #Affidavit @tabyny24 @deletedmember

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