Were you gifted adulthood? Or Have you claimed adulthood? At sixteen years, one can claim adulthood on the record (incomplete), become emancipated of their own free will, but can not sign a lease, and, there are more restrictions as you'll see. At eighteen years, one is gifted adulthood, but does not claim adulthood on the record, yet they can. Now one can drink, get into debt, sign a lease, but can not buy/sell stocks. At twenty one years, one has still not claimed adulthood, can now buy/sell stocks, but can not be trustee. At twenty five years, one has reached the age of full signatory authority, can be a trustee, but has still not claimed adulthood, Not being twenty five is no excuse to get started. Rebut all presumptions via one's letters patent on the record @ the county registrar where born.

Posted by Deleted (9e2476b2) at 2020-11-24 22:38:20 UTC