Back in 2016 fake kourts took all rights to only child and gave it soley to child's father of family member with no communication or visits .Falsely kidnapping, hold prisoner and charged with fake fva for sending text messages regarding child's health. Fast forward to today the follow has hapoen to family member by this so called kourt and other so called gov. Agency . Unlwaful detainment, false accusations and imprisonment, harrassment, forcing to over medicated with psych meds leading to hospitalization and documented in hospital records that this county is family members trauma. Fake fees, forcing public defender after leaving family member in solitary. Causing family member PTSD. Now has fake warrant on another fake allegations claiming family member is dangerous ! Help is much needed or suggestions. Will not surrender

Posted by Deleted (90432cfd) at 2020-11-24 16:18:04 UTC