Hey there Lawful Living people! Remember, there's no set donation amount for the classes so one can be as generous as they wish! The classes are all recorded so there's no need to feel pressured to donate by a particular day (unless one prefers live classes). Our goal is to get people out from under "paying bills" not to become yet another! Do as thou wilst ๐Ÿ™‚ Our next class is about the Certificate of Live Birth Certificate and Social Security Account Number Certificates this coming Saturday the twenty-eighth day of this eleventh month at noon Pacific time. The classroom is already open and pre-class material is being added every day to help people get the most out of the class. Donate to: $MalikaMbele (cashapp) or malikasvp@gmail.com (paypal, friends an family) Include: a note with the #Classname and one's handle/screenname here on lawfulliving.com to be added. Notice: Donations missing either the above information will delay one being added to the class.

Posted by MalikaDulce at 2020-11-23 18:56:00 UTC