1606090519 #QUITVOLUNTEERING Ye want higher know-ledge...? Please Help me help you... https://www.paypal.me/keithlittle1 __________________________________________ El Hotepsekhemwy Pero... The basics of adult-ery... [like a factory; production process of creating "children" as opposed to bearing young...] Equity vs equality... UCC § 1-103. Construction of Uniform Commercial Code to Promote its Purposes and Policies: Applicability of Supplemental Principles of Law. (a) The Uniform Commercial Code must be liberally construed and applied to promote its underlying purposes and policies, which are: (1) to simplify, clarify, and modernize the law governing commercial transactions; (2) to permit the continued expansion of commercial practices through custom, usage, and agreement of the parties; and (3) to make uniform the law among the various jurisdictions. (3)... The UCC is incorporated into ALL State Statutes... Maxim of Equity... "Equity is a sort of equality"... Aequitas est quasi aequalitas - Where two persons have an equal right, the property will be divided equally. This maxim flows from the fundamental notion of equality or impartiality due to the conception of Equity and is the source of many equitable doctrines. The maxim is of very wide application. The rule of ordinary law may give one party an advantage over the other. But the court of equity, where it can, puts the litigating parties on a footing of equality. Equity proceeds in the principle that a right or liability should as far as possible be equalized among all interested. In other words, two parties have equal right in any property, so it is distributed equally as per the concerned law. That Last part speaks on "per the concerned law"... Thus the "concerned law" IS International!!! One has to learn how to first "exit" the commercial BS and BRING them into equal standing because as it sits now, they have subjected themselves willingly to an inferior commercial standing... COME OUT OF HER - She is an "illicit" whore!!! "uniform throughout all the various jurisdictions"... Bring them into your jurisdiction by Knowing Your Jurisdiction!!! Your Venue!!! Your Body!!! jus 1 [ juhs; Latin yoos ]SHOW IPA SEE SYNONYMS FOR jus noun, plural ju·ra [joor-uh; Latin yoo-rah]. Law. a right. law as a system or in the abstract. See that...? "Plural" uses jur... singular is the 'original' jus... original man... original jurisdiction... Genesis 5:2 - KJV... Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created... Original man named his wife Eve... Eve is the plural in support of her husband and not others...!!! AGAIN: COME OUT OF HER!!! different than jur... jus being contemporanious of the living man who's yeah is his yea and nay be nay... it is HIS words what is HIS law... Her law is to teach his law to their young... in-spired by an established union... the original union... needs no other party... jus-tice; tice - meaning temptation... Thus Justice IS the temptation of the law!!! The Jurisdiction is the "right dictation"... We are tempted every day and must dictate of our-self and no other!!! In reality a man needs not "dictation" as the word is written in his heart... Romans 2:15 “Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another;)” _______________________________________ https://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution-conan/article-4/section-3/clause-1/doctrine-of-the-equality-of-states?fbclid=IwAR1bTpCfya07b9qvFOkUgkavc8aejKZWFGJjhOQmmUpznca8Ixfc-JwoFk0

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