Ok so I have court on November 6th and something did’t add up, I refused to stand before a judge, secondly llee, I didn’t sign anything, here this the problem, this judge is human sex trafficking big time, and he knew that too. Also my question is this too, my ex somehow got full custody of my daughter and put a protection order on my daughter know, secondly, the stupid good for nothing judge mark it as till 18 years old till I see here, I appealed it of course, and for this appellant, the courts woudn’t even except until I threw the longest fit of 7 hours. I woudn’t leave the courts until I got that appeal excepted. How in the world can someone just assume the worst of people, but then didn’t even read the court files? This system of the courts is in fact and is in fraud, so can anybody tell me how to stop the courts? Thank you I did file motion to provide proof, but I think it should of did order to show proof, and order for plausica cause, and order of burden proof, I lose my daughter and know my son?

Posted by Deleted (6f7ae684) at 2020-11-21 19:18:10 UTC