Please check out my YouTube and subscribe [Video below will link you]... I have over 300 videos and still going... when I reach 1000 I can start doing lives again... Always willing to do those zooms I mentioned on a regular basis as well... Plus; I will be starting a Sunday morning talk-shoe soon so we can all get together to discuss issues openly like any zoom [just a different platform to reach others]... Also working on a common usage dictionary to help keep from falling into the traps of their terms - most will likely be found on or in biblical scripture... Also; Please remember to hit the PayPal link [given in videos on YouTube with my other forum links] and share some love... Below are some of my earlier videos from when I really dug in and said NO MORE! I've stuck to my guns and have not budged - ask anyone on my lists that has known me for a time now... Not stubborn but rather; sure!!! Check them out and share! __________________________

Posted by El Hotepsekhemwy Pero at 2020-11-21 04:24:00 UTC