**New Class Alert** Topic: #BirthCertificates and #SocialSecurityNumber Accounts. Next class in on Saturday the twenty-eighth day of this eleventh month (one week from tomorrow). We will be thoroughly going over the birth certificate and social security accounts so people know exactly: 1. When and why they were created. 2. What they are really for (ain't no pot of gold behind it!) 3. Why "authentication" is complete waste of time, talent and treasure. (unlike what that SP/C gooroos selling) 4. How to terminate the presumptions associated with the birth certificate and social insurance accounts to beat CPS/DHH and others! How to join the fun? A. Donate using the credentials in this post image including a note with the classroom #BCSSN. B. Request to join the group AFTER donating OR message me one's handle and an Admin will add one to the classroom. C. DO NOT request to join the classroom without a donation or other agreed upon consideration. D. Read and watch pre-class material to be ready to rock! Classroom: https://www.lawfulliving.com/groups/bc_ssn

Posted by MalikaDulce at 2020-11-20 21:28:25 UTC