FILE FOR RECORD THIS IS INTERNATIONAL NOTICE RETURN TO: [non domestic] Name Address c/o NOTICE TO THE AGENT IS NOTICE TO THE PRINCIPAL NOTICE TO THE PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO THE AGENT date Testimony by AFFIDAVIT OF insert nontaxpayer's name The “forms attached” shall be considered invalid, null, and void without this attachment and all other forms attached to it. This Declaration is made without prejudice: Be it known, that I am not a tax protester. Now, I will not allow you to compel me to participate in the “trade or business” franchise or contract with the government by changing my status to be anything other than that described herein. Today, I hereby for the record declare as void, untrustworthy, and not admissible as evidence of any obligation on my part any and all forms, declarations of status, or other correspondence in conflict with this form or any attached form I may have provided because submitted under unlawful duress. Be it known to all who call themselves "government," their "courts," “agents”, and “other parties”, that I am a natural, free, born live, sovereign, without subjects. I am neither subject to any entity anywhere, nor is any entity subject to me. I neither dominate anyone, nor am I dominated. I am not a "person" as defined in "statutes" when such definition includes “artificial entities”. I refuse to be treated as a "federally" or "state" created entity which is only capable of exercising certain rights, privileges, or immunities as specifically "granted" by "federal" or "state" "governments." I may voluntarily choose to comply with the "laws" which others attempt to impose upon me, but no such "laws," nor their "enforcers," have any authority over me. I am not in any "jurisdiction," for I am not of subject status. Unless I have willfully harmed or violated someone or someone's property without their consent, I have not committed any crime, and am therefore not subject to any penalty. Thus, be it known to all, that I reserve my natural right not to be compelled to perform under any "contract" that I did not enter into knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally. Furthermore, I do not accept the "liability" associated with the compelled and pretended "benefit" of any hidden or unrevealed "contract" or "commercial agreement." As such, the hidden or unrevealed "contracts" that supposedly create "obligations" to perform, for persons of subject status, are inapplicable to me and are null and void. If I have participated in any of the supposed "benefits" associated with these hidden "contracts," I have done so under duress, for lack of any other practical alternative. I may have received such "benefits" but I have not accepted them in a manner that binds me to anything. Any such participation by me, does not constitute "acceptance," because of the absence of full disclosure of any valid offer, and voluntary consent without misrepresentation or coercion. Without a valid voluntary offer and acceptance, knowingly entered into by both parties, there is no "meeting of the minds," and therefore no valid contract. Any supposed "contract" is therefore void ab initio, from the beginning. From my age of consent to the date affixed below, nunc pro tunc, I, have never signed a contract knowingly, willingly, intelligently, voluntarily, and intentionally whereby I have waived any of my natural indigenous or inherent rights, and, as such, take notice that I revoke, cancel, and make void from the beginning my signature on any and all "contracts," "agreements," "forms," or any "instrument" which may be construed in any way to give any agency or department of any "government" any "authority," "venue," or "jurisdiction" over me. Typical examples of such compelled and pretended "benefits" are: Past "filing" of "tax returns": Because such "tax returns" were "filed" under threat, duress, and coercion, and no two-way contract was ever signed with full disclosure, there is nothing in any past "filing" of "tax returns" or payments that created any valid contract. Therefore, no obligation on my part was ever created by me. "Citizenship": Any document I may have ever signed, in which I answered "yes" to the question, "Are you a UNITED STATES citizen?" - cannot be used to compromise my status as a "national", nor obligate me to perform in any manner. This is because without full written disclosure of the definition and consequences of such supposed "citizenship," provided in a document bearing my signature given freely without misrepresentation or coercion, there can be no binding contract. I am not a “UNITED STATES citizen." I am not a "resident of," an "inhabitant of," a "franchise of," a "subject of," a "ward of," the "property of," the "chattel of," or "subject to the jurisdiction of" any "monarch" or any corporate "commonwealth," "federal," "state," "territory," "county," "council," "city," "municipal body politic," or other "government" allegedly "created" under the "authority" of a "constitution" or other "enactment." I am not subject to any "legislation," department, or agency created by such "authorities," nor to the "jurisdiction" of any “employees”, “officers”, or “agents” deriving their "authority" therefrom. Nor do any of the "statutes" or "regulations" of such "authorities" apply to me or have any "jurisdiction" over me. Further, I am not a subject of any "courts" or bound by "precedents" of any "courts," deriving their "jurisdiction" from said "authorities." Take notice that I hereby cancel and make void from the beginning any such "instrument" or any presumed "election" made by any "government" or any “agency” or “department” thereof, that I am or ever have voluntarily elected to be treated as a “subject” of any "monarch" or a "UNITED STATES citizen," or a "resident" of any "commonwealth," "state," "territory," "possession," "instrumentality," "enclave," "division," "district," or "province," subject to their "jurisdiction(s)." "Constitution": The document supposedly setting forth the foundations of a "country" and "its" "government," has no inherent authority or obligation. A "constitution" has no authority or obligation at all, unless as a contract between two or more individuals, and then it is limited only to those individuals who have specifically entered into it. At most, such a document could be a contract between the existing people at the time of its creation, but no-one has the right, authority, or power to bind their posterity. I have not knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally entered into any such "constitution" contract to oblige myself thereby, therefore such a document is inapplicable to me, and anyone claiming to derive their "authority" from such a document has no "jurisdiction" over me. Use of semantics: There are some immature people with mental imbalances, such as the craving to dominate other people, who masquerade as "government," and call the noises and scribbles that emanate from their mouths and pens "the law" which "must be obeyed." Just because they alter definitions of words in their "law" books to their supposed advantage, doesn't mean I accept those definitions. The fact that they define the words "person," "address," "mail," "resident," "motor vehicle," "driving," "passenger," "employee," "income," and many others, in ways different from common usage, so as to be associated with a subject or slave status, means nothing in real life. Because the "courts" have become entangled in the game of semantics, be it known to all "courts" and all parties, that if I have ever signed any document or spoken any words on record, using words defined by twists in any "law" books different from the common usage, there can be no effect whatsoever on my sovereign status in society thereby, nor can there be created any "obligation" to perform in any manner, by the mere use of such words. Where the definition in the common dictionary differs from the definition in the "law" dictionary, it is the definition in the common dictionary that prevails, because it is more trustworthy. Therefore, such compelled and supposed "benefits" include, but are not limited to, the aforementioned typical examples. My use of such alleged "benefits" is under duress only, and is with full reservation of all my indigenous and natural inherent rights. I have waived none of my intrinsic indigenous rights, liberty, and freedom by my use thereof. Furthermore, my use of such compelled "benefits" may be temporary, until alternatives become available, practical, and widely recognized. This affidavit and declaration especially includes, but is not limited to, anything relating to government franchises, disclosures of government identifying numbers such as SSN or TIN, tax withholding or reporting forms, tax returns, or any other declarations of status arising out of any tax, citizenship, or licensing forms provided to the government such as driver’s license applications, applications for ID cards, voter registration, or benefit applications. I do not consent. REVOCATION OF POWER OF ATTORNEY I hereby revoke, rescind, cancel, and make void from the beginning, all powers of attorney, in fact or otherwise, implied in "law" or otherwise, signed either by me or anyone else, as it pertains to any "tax file/identification number" and/or "social security number" assigned to me, as it pertains to my "birth certificate," and as it pertains to any and all other numbers, "licenses," "certificates," and other "instruments" issued by any and all "government" and quasi-"governmental" “departments” or “agencies”, due to the use of various elements of fraud by said “agencies” to attempt to deprive me of my sovereignty and/or property. I hereby waive, cancel, repudiate, and refuse to knowingly accept any alleged "benefit" or "gratuity" associated with any of the aforementioned “numbers”, "licenses," "certificates," and other "instruments." My use of any such “numbers”, "licenses," "certificates," or other "instruments" has been for information purposes only, and does not grant any "jurisdiction" to anyone. I do hereby revoke and rescind all powers of attorney, in fact or otherwise, signed by me or otherwise, implied in "law" or otherwise, with or without my consent or knowledge, as it pertains to any and all property, real or personal, corporeal or incorporeal, obtained in the past, present, or future. I am the sole and absolute owner and possess freehold allodial title to any and all such property. Today, Take notice that I also revoke, cancel, and make void from the beginning all powers of attorney, in fact, in presumption, or otherwise, signed either by me or anyone else, claiming to act on my behalf, with or without my consent, as such power of attorney pertains to me or any property owned by me, by, but not limited to, any and all quasi/color-able, public, "governmental departments”, “agencies “or “corporations” on the grounds of constructive fraud, concealment, and nondisclosure of pertinent facts. I affirm that all of the foregoing is true and correct. I affirm that I am competent to make this Affidavit. I hereby affix my own signature to all of the affirmations in this entire document with explicit reservation of all my inalienable and unalienable rights, and my specific right not to be bound by any "contract" or "obligation" which I have not entered into knowingly, voluntarily, intentionally, and without misrepresentation, duress, or coercion. AFFIRMATION I, [name], declare under penalty of perjury under ONLY the common law and NOT civil/statutory law of the state I am physically present within and from and without the STATUTORY “United States”, and in accordance with 28 U.S.C. §1746(1) that the statements made in this document and all attachments are true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief when all definitions of words, and my civil status pertaining to our interactions described in this correspondence and all attachments are fully respected and enforced by everyone making use of this information in any administrative or legal interactions between us. FURTHER AFFIANT SAITH NOT. Subscribed and sworn, with all rights retained, attachments

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